I ship anything British, everything I write is British, Hi, I'm Norwegian

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Hello there, I'm not going to post a lot on my account, but I'll be posting in various communities, both as entries and commentaries, I'll have a list of all of my actual fics in this entry, to make it easier to find.
My name is... secret, but I can tell you I'm an off-age girl from Norway with a huge crush on Britain. I'm the biggest Anglophile imaginable, what I love most is comedy, and that was really my golden gate into fanfiction. If I were to list the pairings within comedy I ship the most it would be: David Mitchell/Lee Mack, Frankie Boyle/Hugh Dennis, Frankie Boyle/Russell Howard, Jon Richardson/Russell Howard, Jimmy Carr/David Mitchell, and... Stephen Fry/Alan Davies. In addition to that, and I didn't know I should list this as comedy or not, but i also have a major ship for all of the top gear pairings, and i have read all of the top gear fics on AO3 :O. Lately though, and I know this may seem weird, but stay with me, I have found lolitics, and as a politically quite involved person, I love lolitics, and my major ship within this is: Clameron (by far the one I ship most), but I also really enjoy Camerborne, Claws, Clamerborne, Clameron OT4, Cleggborne, Lawdie, Sam/Miriam, Mandelborne, Mandelbell, party leader OT3, Clamerballs, and many others XD.
I like my Fics, short or long, hot, angsty or dramatic, it doesn't matter, as long as it's written well. I haven't really written all that much fanfiction yet, but here's a list:

British comedy:

Frankie Boyle/Russell Howard:

"I feel so withered I can't stand your light"

"We needed too complicated words to save us" (follow-up)


Clameron OT4 (Sam Cameron/Miriam González Durántez/David Cameron/Nick Clegg):
http://lolitics-meme.livejournal.com/10702.html?thread=28998606#t28998606 (over 18 only, Masturbating, sexy times, OCD, and psychologial trauma)


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